What we do

Culture. Customer. Performance.

They are the ‘big three’.

We work with clients to identify, communicate and grow the benefits of effective workplace culture in the everyday. It’s an end to end approach, right through to the delivery of a smarter customer experience. We focus on what a healthy brand and business culture can look like in a business. We then set the programme for how this can be measured, communicated and owned by the team - based on your success measures. These three areas can make a huge difference to your objectives.

We balance the emotive and rational drivers for a business and see our role as unlocking the best of your culture. We want to make sure it makes a real difference with your people, your services and your customers.

This leads to a more fulfilling place for people to work and feel engaged. That leads to a more productive and healthy bottom line.


A typical client is…

You are a business operator that wants to sharpen up the success of some areas. You may be too deep in the day to day. It could be feedback from your team. It could be a rash of challenging customer events that have led to a need for change.

Because every client we have has slightly unique needs, we’ve developed and deliver methods that make working with us easy and flexible. We’re here to add true value in the areas that you either can’t get to, or recognise are better driven by outside perspectives and expertise.



Work with us.

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Richie Connell

As the founding partner, Richie leads the consulting and strategy services for Thrival. He has a strong background operating in complex organisations in a strategic capacity, primarily across the marketing, advertising and communications sectors. His work extends into the brand and culture transformation areas with a number of national and global businesses.

With over 15 years’ experience driving many prestigious business brands both in New Zealand and internationally, he is focused on working closely to help businesses build and execute healthy cultures and better customer outcomes. Being able to map and measure the constant need for smart businesses to evolve is something that keeps him keen.



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Business Services Manager

Anneri Dippenaar

Anneri joins us from a global software company and brings her valuable brand, marketing and project management experience into the mix.

With over 6 years of experience operating in complex international marketing and brand environments, Anneri provides strong sense of what it takes to build progressive cultures and customer engagement strategies.


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