Bellbird Hearing

Bellbird Hearing is a new audiology business with a promise to deliver a high level of care.


We were asked to create and deliver a new, compelling and memorable brand identity for Bellbird Hearing that would position the brand and set them apart in the market.


Developing a brand identity from scratch is always an exciting challenge. We started the process with Bellbird as we always do – strategically. We put ourselves in the shoes of Bellbird’s target clients and tried to understand their needs. The Bellbird Hearing team explained that hearing loss affects so much more than just hearing and therefore their service will take a nurturing approach based on individual care and attention. From here we formed a clear picture of Bellbird Hearing’s brand positioning and how the brand must perform to connect with and address client needs. Then we got creative.


We were inspired by the thought that with improved hearing, Bellbird’s clients will be able to hear the beautiful sounds of nature. Added to this the bellbird also symbolises something native and unique to New Zealand – promoting the idea that Bellbird Hearing is local. This lead to the crafting of a unique brand based on the bellbird and its environment – quite a departure from the corporate and clinical look of others in the market and a clear point of differentiation. We added dimension to the brand with a strong bellbird graphic, a friendly typeface and an interesting combination of complimentary colours. The end result – a modern and memorable brand that will help the Bellbird Hearing team deliver on their promise to deliver a high level of care, attention and expertise for every step of the hearing journey.

Building a legacy programme for the community.