Going Pro in the USA

A week of learnings in San Fran

As if the opportunity to visit San Francisco this June wasn’t tempting enough discovering a culture summit made it a must do. We don’t have a lot of this kind of thing here, which perhaps is a good idea for down the track. Anyway, discovering how large US companies build their cultures and performance is something that the Thrival team are keen to learn from. So we’ll get over there and check out what this challenging and fluid subject means to our American friends.

What is a culture summit?

Well indeed that’s a question I’m keen to understand. The organisers (who seem very courteous and engaging) pitch this as ‘building the culture you want to work in’ and ‘take your culture transformation to the next level’. Over three days of workshops and presentations they will journey the multi-faceted nature of this word ‘culture’.

An early view…eggs over easy

I’m heading into this event with eyes wide open because the first thing I’ll aim to sample is the local culture. Before we get into the workshopping and high-fiving, there is some acclimatisation to be had. I’ve placed myself right in the centre of town to get straight into the big city energy. One must prepare themselves for professional development in any way they can.

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Operating with uncertainty

We’ve all been here before, a little too recently. 2020 taught us how to set up our offices at home and made a lot of us proficient at Zoom calls. But, even with the familiarity, there’s a little Delta variant tension creeping in, with uncertainty over when exactly this lockdown will end.


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