How to surprise and delight your clients after a year of uncertainty.

Let’s be honest, whatever business you’re in, this year has been a long one! Approaching the start of the silly season most will be feeling a little worn out, especially as we adjust to another set of COVID-19 protocols.

So now is the perfect time to surprise and delight your clients with something thoughtful. Organising an event or gift that is well branded, on tone and represents you as a business can help foster a good working partnership into the new year.

Here are some tips for creating a lasting impression this Christmas (and beyond).

Celebratory Christmas drinks don’t have to be in person…

As hard as it’s been this year, nothing quite replaces face-to-face events. However, with the traffic light system in full force and some social hesitancy floating around, your annual client drinks may not be quite right. You might want to think about other ways to say thanks and celebrate the year, such as;

  • A nice bottle for the Christmas table – try supporting New Zealand wineries
  • A Christmas hamper with local artisan treats to share around the office 
  • A planned activity outside like lawn bowls or mini golf
  • A quirky video message from your office to theirs
  • Christmas lilies or potted plants to brighten up the office
Panforte Christmas Cakes

Personalise your message.

Whatever you do end up sending to clients, it should leave a mark. Getting the details right matters, so take the time to personalise your cards and messages. Focus on a few things that you valued about working together this year and say thanks.

These are the details that matter. Try writing something witty or thoughtful, that’s fun to read. These the things that are remembered over generic cards and uninspired chocolates. Keeping your message engaging and friendly in tone helps to round off the year on a positive note.

Brand yourself. Always.

Sending out client Christmas gifts is not only an opportunity to say thank you, but it’s a chance to brand yourself too. Don’t just send any old gift – make it memorable. Be generous and find a way to reflect your edge. Whether your business ‘vibe’ is creative, humorous, glamorous, interesting or all of the above! Some ideas are:

  • Creating a themed client playlist – here’s a link to our Spotify playlist
  • Package your gifts with a branded ribbon or wrapping paper
  • Add more personality by giving it a clever/witty/punny label
  • Create a branded card for your personal messages

Creating something that’s out of the norm, and feels like it comes from you, is a great way to add more to the usual Christmas send-off – especially when face-to-face events provide challenges. Doing it well and making it unique also shows clients why they picked you to work with in the first place.

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