It’s planning time for 2020

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…

In my years of experience working in Australia there was an urban business myth that went like this. From the first Tuesday in November to the end of February Aussie business goes on summer leave. Put simply, they were ‘out to lunch’ after cup day. As the 2019 racing of the Melbourne Cup approaches, we think it’s time to be planning, rather than pulling back on the reins. Okay – no more horse metaphors.

We must plan for this

Whether it’s putting time into how you want to launch 2020’s focus to your people, or nailing down that marketing planning process – the best time is now. It’s not too late to make good decisions and then get things teed up to go for 2020. In fact we think the timing is about perfect as a business can reflect on successes from this year, and now angle toward making them better for the next. But it’s a brief window and it starts in November. So what are you waiting for? Make a small start and see where it may lead.

What about the kiwis? We’re perfect, right?

The other myth which is more localised to our business psyche comes from thinking that once you’re at the bach or sitting on a beach in January that the ideas will flow and things will lock into place. You’ll storm back into the office in late January (or early February for some lucky folk) and crack the planning nut. Just remember, you’re not going to be launching these ideas until at least March. And then there’s Easter. The year rolls on and the opportunity to get those planning decisions executed starts to drift. It’s a common story and one that we like to banish if we can. Turning the mirror back towards our own view for a moment and we’re also considering what we need to prep for in 2020. One tip is to make sure whatever you plan out that put the communications at the heart of it. Whether it’s internal to the team (at the Christmas party) or externally to clients. Keep them in touch. A simple and effective idea.

Try something different and do it now. Planning and building confidence in how you are going to deliver early in 2020 could be just the medicine.

Now to go and clean up on the Melbourne Cup. I reckon number 11’s a go.

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