Pastiche salespeople – eat your heart out!

As a marketing agency specialising in brand, culture and activation, Thrival sits across all aspects of brand design, from client websites to the redesign of packaging. A repeat order from many of our clients, however, is often a bit smaller – the palm sized business card.


Brand identity and expression

The business card can communicate volumes with little information. Just look at Epoch’s.


Our design for this client uses a simple, white background on the card’s front. The only thing featured is the distinct letterpress title ‘Epoch’, imprinted by hand, imparting a craftmanship quality to the card which sets it apart from others. Overall, the card’s minimalism communicates a slick, professional look, without overselling the brand.


Contact details

Adding in ways for clients to contact you should be obvious, but often the tedium of including this on every advertising message weighs the brand down. The joy of a business card is that contacts are expected, and so suit the purpose of the message.

Our design for Connected Accountant’s card manages to work in personality, leaving room for both the tagline and fun job descriptions, such as ‘Go-getter’ and ‘The Scribe’.


The design for FortHill Property, meanwhile, features their signature colouring and the letterhead ‘FHP’ at front, whilst the back lists simply the name, position, contact details and address of the card holder. This approach lets the FortHill Property logo on the left take the eye, to display the all-important branding first.


Unlike a web address or digital contact, cards sit in wallets, purses, and competition bowls, and even provide bookmarks on occasion. Simply being present as a tangible item helps create awareness, at a very low cost.

So why not update your look with a business card today?

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