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FortHill Property is a leading industrial investment fund offering investors access to premium industrial properties.


FortHill came to us for a fresh take on their existing website, to establish their position as New Zealand’s leading investor in industrial property. Their old site was facing some serious issues – it lacked the polished visuals one would expect from the brand. It also needed updating for the modern user – or in tech jargon iPad/phone ‘scroll-ability’.


We looked at clean, easily navigated property and real estate websites for inspiration, especially for the use of animations and effects. Because the purpose of the site is to showcase the opportunity for investors, we needed to lift the brand with a focus on striking photography, succinct information, and impressive performance stats. The new site had to elevate the brand and position it at the top of the wholesale investment tree.


After we set the objectives and positioning, we spent time designing the structure, interface and user experience. We put the user right at the centre of our design strategy, designing based on their needs and frustrations. We designed information pages that linked quickly from the central homepage. We then paired the framework with a series of animations to help direct attention around the homepage to all the important information. Attention was given to the mobile experience with all design elements redesigned for a mobile screen.

The end result – a strong brand and a seamless user experience. As with any website, this is not a ‘set and forget’ project. We’ll continue to assess the needs of FortHill’s existing and potential clients, adapting the website overtime to meet their needs as they change.

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