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You’re bacon me crazy

Our friends and small loan champions Save My Bacon came to us earlier this year with a brief to liven up their office environment. They work directly next door us at Thrival HQ, and after seeing our office vibe, they wanted to create a SMB branding experience for their office. The first thing we did was look to their brand to develop a range of interesting visual cues that would invigorate the space. We all agreed that the iconic SMB character “Kevin Bacon” had a major part to play in the design. So, we got to work dialling up the colours, creating playful copy and developed a range of posters and decals. After the images and posters were installed, SMB CEO Tracey Gillman said that the impact has been huge – her team love the designs and the new feel of the office. That’s the sort of feedback we love!

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Operating with uncertainty

We’ve all been here before, a little too recently. 2020 taught us how to set up our offices at home and made a lot of us proficient at Zoom calls. But, even with the familiarity, there’s a little Delta variant tension creeping in, with uncertainty over when exactly this lockdown will end.


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