FortHill Property

FortHill Property manages a number of large industrial properties across New Zealand.


We were challenged to develop a strong, relevant and distinct brand name and story that would position the business for a future in the wholesale investment market.


Coming up with a name for a business is never easy and this was no exception. It’s a strategic and creative exercise. Our process is to start with an origins story and work from there. The business started in Milton, Otago where the first properties were developed and delivered. Otago became our starting point and a source of inspiration. Just outside of Milton there is a road called FortHill that instantly struck a chord. It’s strong and memorable and creates a clear impression. And so FortHill Property was born.


The FortHill Property brand is based on a strong and simple wordmark backed up by compelling photography of the properties. It is contemporary, sleek and distinctly New Zealand in style. We launched the brand in 2019 with the delivery of the first investment portfolio and information memorandum. 

NZME is one of New Zealand’s largest media groups with a strong presence in the South Island.