2021 - Year in Review

The year of the… what was that exactly!

2021 has been yet another year of change and growth for Thrival. We are pleased to report our team have delivered on numerous briefs for clients both current and new. We are genuinely appreciative of the support from everyone and are looking forward to resting the grey matter before an eventful 2022. But first – here are some highlights.

The work we love to deliver

We’ve continued to work closely with many of our foundation clients, including Calder Stewart. This year we led the strategy and execution of their national brand campaigns, supporting their continual growth as a national property and building solutions provider. You may have seen one of their full-page glossy ads in a Kia Ora magazine or on an airport billboard… back when we could fly!

An additional project has been the marketing strategy and brand for the Bruce Stewart Leadership Programme, led by The Stewart Family. We were proud to support this great initiative and to honour the legacy of one of Calder Stewart’s founders.

Also, speaking of foundation clients, our good friends at SuperTyre have launched a new addition to their commercial offering. S5i was a full brand development, including a photography shoot and delivery of a launch event to unveil the service solution.

The road to Yonda

This one is big for all of us. 2021 has seen us work closely with the Yonda team to create the holistic brand and digital approach to this game changing fintech app. Yonda will be New Zealand’s first (free) smart credit score, to be launched in early 2022. Of course, it helps that our Managing Partner is a director of the company – but we also love the Yonda vibe. We’ll be there cheering the app on as it hits the finish line – so sign up at www.yonda.nz if you haven’t already!

Product design – a new leaf for the team

One of our new clients this year QualChem asked us to help them brand and launch a new amenities range for hotels. Aptly named Whio, the products were designed to generate support for New Zealand’s Blue Duck, who’s currently on the endangered species list.

Another passion project for the team was refining the brand for an eco-friendly, online shopping outlet called Eartha. Currently supplying yoga mats, Eartha has big plans for 2022, with new developments in store.

Getting social!

It was a shame we didn’t get to knock a few more client events out of the park for 2021. But rest assured we’re keen to get a glass in everyone’s hand in the new year. Hopefully 2022 will see us open the borders safely and get on with business as usual. Bring it on!

FortHill Property

FortHill Property manages a number of large industrial properties across New Zealand.